Monday, October 10, 2011

It always comes back to the apple

Steve Jobs has often been a man of controversy. Heated arguments have been fueled by his name, his methods, and his products.
I want to leave that behind and focus on Steve Jobs - the innovator. 
His creativity, never say never attitude, and his strong penchant  for cutting-edge technology made my life better.
The world lost a trailblazer last week when Steve Jobs was promoted to a higher position than CEO and co-founder of Apple. Who will fill his shoes?
The inventions sparked by Job's imagination have made it easier for me to function with my son's diabetes. Having an iPhone and iPod, I can download apps that assist in my son's care. 
How so?
There's the Google and Maps app I use to plan out our route for visits to the endocrinologist. If you remember my post about our first trip to the endocrinologist, you remember why this is a necessary tool. Sure, paper maps still exist, but does it point out one way streets or detours for construction? Does a map give you an ETA? No.  How about a compass app. when you get turned around? Then, there's the weather app that lets me know what type of weather to expect so I can time my departure appropriately. 
Additionally, I have apps that give me nutrition information. This is a handy tool when we are out to eat and need to know the carbs so we can calculate Sawyer's insulin dose. These apps include GoMeals, Lose It!, and Restaurants. These apps give me access to the most current information available. What's more, they were free. 
Also, there are many free games that keep my son entertained while waiting at the doctor's office or during the long 2 hour trip to his doctor appointment. I recall when he had to sit through his sister's two hour graduation ceremony. Sawyer also has been diagnosed with ADHD. The games on the iPod kept him entertained the entire time. This is a little bit of heaven for a stressed out, tired mom. Angry Birds, Pocket God, and Sonic have been wonderful entertainment.
There have been times when I needed information about juvenile diabetes while away from home. All I had to do was open my Safari browser and the information was at hand.

These are just the applications that I am aware of.  I'm sure there are many more. No longer do I feel I unprepared in unexpected situations. I don't have to pass on an invitation because I'm not sure how I will figure out Sawyer's carbs. Oh, by the way, there is also a calculator app that I use to figure out Sawyer's carb ratio and insulin dose. 
In addition, there is a notepad app where I can make notes of Sawyer's activity, food intake, and insulin dosages, while I am away from home. I can later transcribe this information into his journal.

Access to the information I need is at my fingertips. I have Steve Jobs to thank for this freedom. 
Thank you, Steve, for sharing your ideas with the world. 

Do you have a favorite app that has made raising a special needs child easier? If so, please share. I'd love to hear about it.

*(Blog Written on my MacBook Pro)*

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