Sunday, October 23, 2011

Dogs for Diabetics

It's amazing that dogs can be trained to help people with disabilities function in society. They have been helping the blind get around for decades. A couple of years ago, I learned that dogs have also been trained to help diabetics.

Hypoglycemia is a very serious condition that can occur in people with diabetes. When their blood sugar drops very low and often suddenly, a life threatening situation occurs The person can lose consciousness or go into a seizure. This can occur rapidly. Hypoglycemia can also occur while the person sleeps, and he/she may not awaken in time to get help.

Dogs trained for diabetics can smell the chemical reaction that occurs in a person experiencing hypoglycemia. The dog can then alert the person in time to seek treatment.

It's a wonderful advance in the treatment of diabetes. There are many people who live alone and with the keen nose of the trained dog, they can get help before they are unable to do so.


  1. Fascinating information, Leann. I've been aware that a dog's sense of smell in so much larger than we humans can grasp, but this is outstanding. I just tweeted about it!

  2. Thanks for passing along the information, Elaine. Aren't these dogs wonderful. When my son saw the video, he said, "Can we get one?" :) I think the process is probably a difficult one - at least until they become more available. I think these dogs are amazing!


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