Friday, September 2, 2011

First Day of School

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The first day of school is an exciting time for children.  A new school year and a fresh start: new teacher, friends, a step up the grade ladder.
The first day can also bring with it anticipation, anxiety, and stress.
What awaits behind the closed door of the new classroom? What will the teacher be like: strict, like to play games, or will she/he give lots of homework?
Into the unknown they go. Although, not all things change.
Chances are, if they haven't moved to a different school district or advanced into the middle/high school, some of their friends will be in their new class, the principal will be the same as the year before, and the rules are the same.

The new school year brings with it adventures in learning and growth. Challenges await and students will be stretched beyond what they've done before.

As I sent Sawyer off on the bus, I wondered what new experiences awaited him this coming year. What subjects will excite him and which will he dread. Will he have a chance to express his creativity in art or music class, will he be the fastest runner or farthest jumper in gym class, or will he release his inner Shakespeare on stage or in writing?

Sawyer was definitely excited as he headed off to school this first day. He hadn't a care in the world, and I was glad of that.
I made a trip to the school nurse with Sawyer's supplies and snacks. We were prepared ahead of time, so there wasn't any anxiety, no last minute 'Oh No! I forgot to get that' moments. Our preparedness paid off.

And so begins another year. Where did summer go? Its visit was shorter than my in-laws.

Have a great year, Sawyer!

I know you'll be great!


  1. Thanks for sharing the way you do. It's so helpful to know that other parents struggle to keep their kids safe and healthy--that I'm not the only one. As I've posted before, my 8 yr old son has Celiac (no gluten, wheat, rye, spelt, barley) and is hypersensitive to egg and dairy of all kinds. If a friend eats any of those products and then plays with my son's toys, my son will bleed intestinally from playing with those same toys. He can't even eat animal products if they were fed a gluten diet. He's that sensitive. We have always homeschooled our kids (oldest is 13)--but never was I so glad we were already in that mode than after his diagnosis. I can't imagine how we'd keep him safe from those foods in a public arena. So many people just don't understand food allergies, or what it's like to need to have the right care for your child. Again, thanks for posting! You are doing a super job.

  2. April, I can't imagine the worry you must experience everyday. Celiac disease is becoming more prevalent and it's scary. I understand your concern about people's lack of knowledge about food allergies. I have been to church luncheons where there is a bounty of homemade food, but what's in them? I can't eat bananas, and it seems inevitable that foods I want to put on my plate will have banana in them. You must have to be diligent all the time. God Bless you for your hard work. I hope that gluten is removed from foods, in the way that most of the trans fats have been. It's just not good for us, and it does have a connection to diabetes. Researchers are still looking into it. Thanks for your comments!

  3. he will do great and this year will be much easier than the last :)


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