Thursday, July 5, 2012

Apple Leads the Way in Glucose Monitoring Systems

A New Innovation 
from IBG Star and Apple

As the mother of a little boy with diabetes, as well as being Type-1 myself, I am always excited when new innovations come along that make living with diabetes simpler.

Just out last month, IBG Star has partnered with Apple in developing a new metering system. The glucose meter connects directly to the Apple iPhone or iPod. It syncs with an app that is downloaded to your device. The app tracks blood sugar trends when you input data into your device. Blood sugar numbers are logged as well as other information to help your doctor evaluate your progress.

The data can be emailed directly to your doctor. It can also be  printed to take to your doctor on your next visit.

The blood glucose meter can be used alone or with the iPhone / iPod. It's smaller than most meters. This is a plus when having to check blood glucose in a public setting. Rather than pulling out an obtrusive device and drawing attention to an already uncomfortable situation, a child may appear to be just checking their text messages or playing a game on their device. 

Currently, most insurances don't cover the device. It is only available at Walgreens (for about $75 with a prescription from a doctor) and at the Apple Store ($99.95). 
The IBG Star Web site also has offered assistance with test strips. By registering for the Star Savings Co-Pay Program, a patient will never pay more than a $20 co-pay for their test strips. (Restrictions apply - including to those already on Medicaid, Medicare, or other state funded programs. Not valid in Massachusetts.) 

For more information on the IBG Star blood glucose monitoring system, click on the link below:

In a mobile society, it it isn't always practical carrying all the supplies needed for a day or weekend trip as well as the many diabetes supplies. For me, it's multiplied by two. 

One less cumbersome device to tote around makes this mom happy indeed. 

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