Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Is the Honeymoon Over?

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The doctors and diabetic nurse told us this would happen.
Unfortunately, it is happening sooner rather than later.

All honeymoons come to an end and it seems Sawyer has reached this point in his journey.

It began slowly, with little jumps in his blood sugar. Nothing alarming, but I reported this to his doctor. At first, no adjustments were made because this could simply be a glitch in our perfectly laid plan. 

Then the morning glucose readings jumped dramatically from 90-130 to a shocking 200.  We were told not to be alarmed. As long as the ketones were negative, he was fine.

Ketone testing is crucial for a diabetic. This is a topic for another blog, but in brief, high ketones = a trip to the emergency room. 
Sawyer's ketones have been negative, yet we're still concerned with his increasing blood glucose levels. Consistently, they've increased. The doctor raised his dose of Lantus by a single unit, yet his morning blood sugars appeared unaffected.

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I checked the pen, the needle, and primed the pen above and beyond what was recommended. The pen was fine and his blood sugar continued to rise.

I have confidence that Sawyer's doctor knows what she's doing. This is what she has done for years - treated children with type one diabetes.

That doesn't make the wait any easier.

With an increase in his dose, his glucose levels continue to rise. Sawyer is now exhibiting symptoms of hyperglycemia; tired, napping, and making more trips to the bathroom.
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I made a call to the doctor today and told her that something drastic needs to be done now. 

Understandably, the doctor is concerned with hypoglycemia, a very serious complication associated with low blood sugar. I'm concerned about complications associated with high blood sugar. 

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The doctor's office returned my call and told me to raise his  Lantus dose starting tonight.

It's a waiting game now. I'm sad to see his "honeymoon phase" come to an end so soon after diagnosis only two months ago. The nurse told me that it did seem to be coming to an end sooner than she'd expected. Considering he was at only one unit a night, and doing so well, this throws us back a bit. 

The best we can do is keep on top of the situation and remain in close contact with Sawyer's doctor. 


  1. saying a prayer for you and Sawyer. Please keep us posted. Going with my mom to her diabetes doctor tomorrow. Learning so much about this that I never knew.

  2. Prayers for your mom that her doctor has a good report. Those visits always feel like a trip to the principals office to me. What did I do wrong now type of thing. Thank you for your prayers. I will keep you posted.


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